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Hit a pot hole or curb, vibrations, leaking?

Chances are you bent your wheel.
Bent wheels or out of round wheels will cause vibrations not only ruin your tires, it can cause damage to both the steering and suspension system of your vehicle. Using our proprietary tools, including hydraulic pressure, customized tools and skills we can straighten your wheels repairing it to factory tolerance. Cosmetic issues such as curb rash or scratches can be repaired also.

Service provided:


Straightening of bent wheels,

Air leaks, Chrome corrosion,

Welding cracks,Broken pieces

Cosmetic paint repairs.

Hours are Monday-Friday 9:00AM- 5:00PM

321 West 18th Street #110

Edmond, OK 73013

  405-340-7274 Steven P.

Send pictures of damaged wheels for price quote to: Total.Wheel.Repairs@Gmail.Com

On the North West corner of South Fretz and 18th Street across the street from Pelco